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New Music + New Artists = NTROradio 

Whether it's rock, R&B, rap, country or EDM. The world is full of astounding musicians that write and perform with more passion then can be found anywhere in the world. We dont just play anybody. So when you listen you are gaurenteed to hear only the best. No nasty recordings that sound like it was recorded in someones garage. We are also proud to say that our station staff actually listens to the artists we play and genuinely love their music.


Submit your music

  • We prefer you to  use Music Submit.com because they can get you on more stations than just us. But if you dont want to  use them you may submit directly to us. Just send a digital press kit to ntroradio at pm dot me. Please put music submission in the subject.  We do require a minimum of 3 songs and a good bio of yourself or the band, 

NTROradio Podcast

"Featured Artist"

  • NTROradio's Featured Artist Podcast can be found on Anchor.fm and is available on every podcasting platform. Including  Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,  Spotify and Stitcher. Each podcast is  less than 10 minutes long . We require the same  3 song miniimum and well written biography to be considered for the podcast. We also willl contact you to let you know if you are chosen, 

Founder's Quote

Unkle Bonehead

  • "The majority of the music you hear on the radio today is produced for one purpose. To make money. Thats why it all sounds the same. and I hate it. I cant remember the last time I listened to traditional radio and enjoyed it. Indie music is typically written, performed and produced with passion and that shines through into the final product. A song that more resembles what the artist originally had in their heart!"